Government have issued revised guidelines and eligibility conditions for identification of beneficiaries and sanction of the benefits after thorough verification duly following Social Audit process.

To finalize the beneficiaries under above programmes, survey is scheduled from 20th November to 20th December, 2019 and following process guidelines are issued for smooth conduct of survey, finalization of the beneficiaries and distribution of benefits.

  1. Volunteer wise all households Pre-populated survey formats will be provided to the Volunteers in respect of Rice Card, YSR Pension Kanuka Card, YSR ArogyaSree Card, Jagananna Vidya Deevena Card and Jagananna Vasathi Deevena Card, Ammavodi by the concerned Departments through District Collectors.
  2. Wherever pre-populated formats are not available, survey proformae will be given by the Departments concerned for printing at District level for distribution to Volunteers (Kapu Nestham & Rajaks,Tailors& Nayeebrahmins).
  3. Departments concerned shall send separate guidelines on eligibility criteria and other processes to be followed for identifying beneficiaries.
  4. District Collectors to identify the District Resource persons to impart training to the Mandal / ULB level resource persons on the survey process / guidelines.
  5. Trained Mandal / ULB level Resource Persons shall in turn impart training to the volunteers at Mandal / ULB level on survey process.
  6. MPDOs and Municipal Commissioners to make necessary arrangements for computerization of the data either at Village / Ward Secretariat or Mandal / ULB level.
  1. District Collectors to conduct one day training programme to the Mandal / ULB level resource persons by making use of detailed guidelines given by the departments.
  2. MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners to conduct training to the Village / Ward Secretaries and Volunteers through Mandal / ULB level resource persons at Mandal / ULB level.
  3. MPDOs and Municipal Commissioners to ensure availability of sufficient number of survey formats to the Volunteers on the day of training itself. For the ease of work all the formats from different departments shall be made into a familywise booklet.
  4. Necessary Supervisory Team/ Officers (District Level Officers) shall be appointed for all the mandals to check the quality of the work.
  5. For each Village a supervisory Team / Officer shall be appointed to handhold the survey by volunteers. These may be appointed from the mandal level officers / Village or Ward secretariat staff
  6. Suitable training to the District level officers or the mandal / village/ward secretariat staff shall be imparted on quality check and handholding process .
  1. Volunteers shall make a schedule to conduct survey of their area and give prior intimation to the households about their visit.
  2. Every day volunteers shall cover on an average ONLY 5 households in rural areas and not exceeding ONLY 10 households in urban areas.
  3. Volunteers shall visit the doorstep of each and every household under his /her jurisdiction along with pre-populated data sheet and survey format.
  4. Volunteers to thoroughly verify the eligibility norms duly explaining about the above said Government welfare schemes to identify eligible members.
  5. Village / Ward secretariat functionaries to assist to volunteers in supply of pre-populated sheets and survey formats relating to different schemes.
  6. Village / Ward secretariat functionaries to collect day wise surveyed data from the volunteers to report to the MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners.
  7. MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners to make necessary arrangements and supervise the entire survey process.
  8. MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners to ensure the visit of volunteers to all the House Holds in their jurisdiction to do survey without leaving any House Hold.
  9. Volunteers to hand over the surveyed data to the Village / Ward Secretariat functionaries on day to day basis.
  10. Survey need not be conducted for the YSR SunnaVaddi, YSR NethannaNestham and Honororium to to Imams, Muazzins, Pastors and Archakas since data is available with the Departments.
  1. In case of all schemes where pre-populated data generated, all the beneficiaries who are falling outside the eligibility criteria shall be fed in the system in the format given by the Department.
  2. All ineligible cases shall be further verified by following the workflow as decided by the concerned Departments.
  3. After completion of further verification, the list of eligible and in-eligible shall be communicated to the Village / Ward Secretariat.
  4. All the details to be computerized after conduct of survey based on the formats given by the concerned Departments where pre-populated data is not available (APCFSS Will provide the necessary Web support for Data entry ).
  5. MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners to ensure computerization of entire field data submitted by the volunteers without missing any data.
  6. MPDOs / Municipal Commissioners to supervise the computerization process and respective departmental functionaries at various levels to verify the data basing on the department wise established workflows.
  1. MPDOs and Municipal Commissioners shall generate Department wise and scheme wise eligible members lists and shall publish in the Village / Ward secretariats.
  2. Calling objections on the lists published by giving 3 days’ time from the date of publication.
  3. Consider the objections raised and verify the data and prepare verified lists to place in the GramaSabha / Ward Sabha.
  1. MPDOs and Municipal Commissioners shall conduct Grama / Ward Sabha in all the Village / Ward Secretariats for finalization of eligible members under different schemes and programmes.
  2. Final list of scheme wise beneficiaries along with guidelines shall be displayed in a conspicuous place in Ward / Grama Secretariats Permanently for Social Audit.
  3. Along with the list , eligibility criteria for various schemes shall be displayed.
  4. Procedure for applying in order to get benefits under various schemes shall also be displayed.